Snapshots of Ohio County 2012 Election Results

Election results from 48 counties in Ohio was captured from public websites on November 6, 2012. The data was captured using "curl" and "" from a shell script running on a Macintosh. Depending on the nature of the web site, the data was captured as HTML, PDF or a PNG image. The script ran every 10 minutes under a crontab. Downloaded files were compared to the previous files and exact duplicates were discarded.

Raw Captured Files Here

The filename contains: {county}_{data}_{time}. The time is in Ohio EST. For example, "cuyahoga_20121107_021214.html" was taken November 7, 2012 at 02:12:14 AM.


  1. Some files do not contain useful data, for example, the Lake County results. This may be because the URL changed at the last minute. or the data was not posted.
  2. Some PNG files are truncated, for example the Hancock county results. This may be a result of the way the website height was in HTML. Other websites, for example the Mahoning county results, show the full height.
  3. Some of the counties do not have any files. This may be because the website was not suitable for automatic capture, or because we ran out of time.

For more information, contact Phil Burk here.


(C) 2012 Phil Burk